Huennebeck MANTO formwork system 330, 1310 m2

Article number:GE2609
Quantity1.310 sq m
Weight68.321 kg

202.522,00 € + VAT

Richard Baufeldt

+49 341 30 84 89 029

MANTO is a very robust, steel framed,  and easy to handle crane-set formwork systemm (80 kN/m2) for large– area forming of walls. A very versatile and heavy duty system that is equal to very tough challenges. MANTO is one of the most popuar formwork systems. Manto comes in 3 different panel heights, 330, 270 and 120. Each has various width of panels available from 45 cm to 120 cm. The panel thickness is 14 cm.

This set of Huennebeck MANTO panels 330, is in good condition and can be used straight away. Please have a look at the other

Manto offers in different sizes. If you dont see what you need, just drop us an e-mail and we will quote accordingly.


Included parts

QuantityArticle description
53MANTO panel 120 x 330
9MANTO panel 105 x 330
122MANTO panel 90 x 330
36MANTO panel 75 x 330
11 MANTO panel 65 x 330
82MANTO panel 60 x 330
21MANTO panel 45 x 330
22 MANTO panel 30 x 330
83MANTO Inside Corner 35 x 330
78MANTO Hinged Corner 35 x 330
10 MANTO Outside Corner20 x 330
MANTO Inside corner 330

MANTO Inside corner

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