Manufacturer: PERI Formwork
Article number: GE2612
Quantity 5.459 sq m
Weight 113.835 kg

364.694,00 € + VAT

Ümit Karaca

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We have used Peri Skydeck in our stock. We can refurbish them also if you demand.

Partial purchase for Skydeck panels (and accessories properly with panels) is possible.

Our prices are %80 discounted from Peri list prices for new ones.

The offers are subject to being unsold and delivery type is Ex-work. Above Prices are for Used Skydeck, not Refurbished. Refurbished Skydeck Prices are %50 discounted from Peri List Prices for new ones.

Peri Skydeck Panels

Peri Skydeck Panels

Peri Skydeck Panels

Peri Skydeck Panels

As you know, Skydeck is aluminium slab formwork and easy to install and dismantle it.

Our Offers are always subject to being unsold. Above prices are valid for only these products.

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Ümit Karaca

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Included parts

Quantity Article description
4536 (skydeck) Panel SDP 150 x 75
235 (skydeck) Panel SDP 150 x 37,5
315 (skydeck) Panel SDP 75 x 75
166 (skydeck) Panel SDP 75 x 37,5
20 (skydeck) Long Beam SLT 375
827 (skydeck) Long Beam SLT 225
141 (skydeck) Long Beam SLT 150
3053 (skydeck) Drophead SFK
606 (skydeck) Prophead SSK
177 (skydeck) Combihead SCK
153 (skydeck) Guardrail Holder SGH, Alu

Subject to errors and prior sale.