Cuplock Scaffolding for sale – 255 t

Article number:EN-S2616
Quantity- sq m
Weight255.000 kg

244.905,00 € + VAT

Richard Baufeldt

+49 341 30 84 89 029

Second Hand Cuplock Scaffolding – 255 t – for sale

  • galvanised & certificated
  • certificated with EN 12812 and EN 12813
  • good condition
  • shipping worldwide


Included parts

QuantityArticle description
930Cup-Lock Vertical Element 500
70Cup-Lock Vertical Element 1000
1091Cup-Lock Vertical Element 1500
66Cup-Lock Vertical Element 2000
14Cup-Lock Vertical Element 2500
1581Cup-Lock Vertical Element 3000
435Connection Pipe Ø48x1000
7Connection Pipe Ø48x1500
838Connection Pipe Ø48x300
1Connection Pipe Ø48x3500
1Connection Pipe Ø48x4000
800Connection Pipe Ø48x500
201Connection Pipe Ø48x6000
86CL Rest Element 250
1CL Rest Element 300
24CL Rest Element 400
920CL Rest Element 500
1CL Rest Element 900
12CL Horizontal Connection Girder 1500
18CL Horizontal Connection Girder 2000
39CL Horizontal Connection Girder 2500
13CL Horizontal Connection Girder 3000
6263CL Horizontal Connection 1000
8CL Horizontal Connection 1200
79CL Horizontal Connection 1500
3234CL Horizontal Connection 2000
2852CL Horizontal Connection 2500
391CL Horizontal Connection 3000
7722CL Horizontal Connection 500
31CL Scaffolding Console 1000
18CL Scaffolding Console 1500
150CL Scaffolding Console 900
170CL Scaffolding Console 600
31CL Ladder Girder 2500 L
35CL Ladder Girder 2500 R
629CL Walking Platform 300x1000
471CL Walking Platform 300x1200
1428CL Walking Platform 300x1500
1493CL Walking Platform 300x2000
1594CL Walking Platform 300x2500
30CL Walking Platform 300x3000
342CL Ladder Stair 300x585
65CL Toe Board 1000
2CL Toe Board 1200
138CL Toe Board 1500
54CL Toe Board 2000
261CL Toe Board 2500
74CL Ladder scaffolding Railing 950
9CL MF40 / Base Element
205CL/AL Adjustable Base Jack 750
76CL Four Way Head Adjustable Top Jack 750
1644Forged Swivel Coupler Ø48xØ48
1149Forged Fixed Double Coupler Ø48xØ48
7Ferrule - G M10
1261Ferrule - G M14
47Braked Wheel-4102 RPR 200 F09
3428Pressed Swivel Coupler Ø48xØ48
1017Fixed Coupler Ø48xØ48
55CL Scaffolding Railing Head
361CL Straight Toe Board Connection Element
118CL Corner Toe Board Connection Element
1736CL/MF 40 - BOXED Vertical Connection Element
5048CL-PIN Ø10x106
57Pin with Springs Ø3

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