991 sqm Huennebeck Manto Wall Formwork

Article number:EN-F1917
Quantity991 sq m
Weight50.951 kg

168.394,00 € + VAT

Cetrac GmbH

office: +49 341 30848 90-0

Huennebeck Manto – 991 sqm wall Formwork for sale

  • “ready to work” – package
  • NEW Plywood Skin
  • shipping worldwide

Included parts

QuantityArticle description
86Manto panel 270x240
6Manto panel 270x240 E with plastic
42Manto panel 270x120
1Manto panel 270x105
17Manto panel 270x90
2Manto panel 270x75
3Manto panel 270x70
4Manto panel 270x60
3Manto panel 270x55
4Manto panel 270x45
4Manto panel 270x30
5Manto hinged corner 270x35
6Manto panel 240x120
9Manto panel 330x240 E with plastic
2Manto panel 330x120
8Manto panel 330x105
3Manto panel 330x90
4Manto panel 330x75
1Manto panel 330x70
7Manto panel 330x45
15Manto hinged corner 330x35
5Hinged outer corner 330x20

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