Steel Scaffolding

PERI UP – T72 / T104 (used) scaffold

Manufacturer:PERIQuantity:– sq m
Article number:GE2606Weight:– kg
Price: 60.000,00 €Further information »
New Cuplock Components 58,4 tons - Ledgers and Basejacks

NEW Cuplock – 58,4 tons – Assortment of Items

Manufacturer:Other ManufacturersQuantity:– sq m
Article number:EN-S2625Weight:58.373 kg
Price: 96.568,00 €Further information »

Cuplock – 32,9 tons – Assortment of Items

Manufacturer:Other ManufacturersQuantity:– sq m
Article number:EN-S2624Weight:32.922 kg
Price: 62.731,00 €Further information »

Peri Up – 30,2 ton2 – Assortment of Items

Manufacturer:PERIQuantity:– sq m
Article number:EN-S2623Weight:30.171 kg
Price: 63.506,00 €Further information »

1233 sqm Layher Allround

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:1.233 sq m
Article number:EN-S2621Weight:14.635 kg
Price: 30.578,00 €Further information »

753 Tons Layher Allround Ringlock

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:– sq m
Article number:EN-S2620Weight:753.000 kg
Price: 2.100.000,00 €Further information »

1500 sqm Layher Allround Ringlock

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:1.500 sq m
Article number:EN-S2617Weight:17.816 kg
Price: 37.228,00 €Further information »

2000 sqm Layher Allround Ringlock

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:2.000 sq m
Article number:EN-S2618Weight:23.740 kg
Price: 49.600,00 €Further information »

3000 sqm Layher Allround Ringlock

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:3.000 sq m
Article number:EN-S2619Weight:35.610 kg
Price: 74.400,00 €Further information »

Cuplock Scaffolding for sale – 255 t

Manufacturer:Quantity:– sq m
Article number:EN-S2616Weight:255.000 kg
Price: 382.540,00 €Further information »

scafom RUX Variant – Ringlock Scaffolding – Assortment of parts

Manufacturer:Other Manufacturers, Scafom RuxQuantity:– sq m
Article number:EN-S2614Weight:7.087 kg
Price: 15.899,00 €Further information »

Peri Up scaffold components – assortment of items

Manufacturer:PERIQuantity:– sq m
Article number:EN-S2602Weight:41.600 kg
Price: 135.000,00 €Further information »

1500 sqm US Modular Scaffolding by catari – NEW – 2,57 m decks

Manufacturer:CatariQuantity:1.500 sq m
Article number:EN-S2606Weight:29.118 kg
Price: 66.434,00 €Further information »

1500 sqm US Modular Scaffolding by catari – NEW – 3,07 m decks

Manufacturer:CatariQuantity:1.500 sq m
Article number:EN-S2605Weight:27.224 kg
Price: 59.580,00 €Further information »

1000 sqm US Modular Scaffolding by catari incl. 3,07 m decks – NEW

Manufacturer:CatariQuantity:1.000 sq m
Article number:EN-S2604Weight:19.817 kg
Price: 43.563,00 €Further information »

1000 sqm US Modular Scaffolding by catari – NEW – 2,57 m decks

Manufacturer:CatariQuantity:1.000 sq m
Article number:EN-S2603Weight:20.684 kg
Price: 47.435,00 €Further information »

612 s qm Scaffolding by Huennebeck Bosta with steel frames

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:612 sq m
Article number:EN-S2298Weight:8.019 kg
Price: 9.723,00 €Further information »

Peri UP Scaffolding – 1000 s qm

Manufacturer:PERIQuantity:1.000 sq m
Article number:EN-S2594Weight:13.306 kg
Price: 38.360,00 €Further information »

918 sqm Scaffolding by Plettac Assco – SL incl. Steel frames & combi decks

Manufacturer:PlettacQuantity:918 sq m
Article number:EN-S2260Weight:7.948 kg
Price: 19.479,00 €Further information »

Allround Modular Scaffolding by Layher – 814 sqm with steel decks

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:814 sq m
Article number:EN-S2207Weight:11.606 kg
Price: 23.982,00 €Further information »

510 sqm Scaffolding by Plettac Assco – steel frames & timber decks

Manufacturer:PlettacQuantity:510 sq m
Article number:EN-S2220Weight:6.181 kg
Price: 8.919,00 €Further information »

Allround Modular Scaffolding by Layher – 532 sqm with steel decks

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:532 sq m
Article number:EN-S2204Weight:7.657 kg
Price: 14.239,00 €Further information »

Allround Modular Scaffolding by Layher – 658 sqm with steel decks

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:658 sq m
Article number:EN-S2205Weight:9.403 kg
Price: 17.459,00 €Further information »

Allround Modular Scaffolding by Layher – 603 sqm with steel decks

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:603 sq m
Article number:EN-S2201Weight:9.070 kg
Price: 17.539,00 €Further information »

612 sqm scaffolding by Scafom Rux with timber planks

Manufacturer:Scafom RuxQuantity:612 sq m
Article number:EN-S2290Weight:7.496 kg
Price: 8.879,00 €Further information »

908 sqm Scaffolding by Layher Blitz – Speedyscaff with steel decks

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:908 sq m
Article number:EN-S2198Weight:10.781 kg
Price: 17.079,00 €Further information »

612 s qm Scaffolding by Plettac Assco with timber decks

Manufacturer:PlettacQuantity:714 sq m
Article number:EN-S2221Weight:8.430 kg
Price: 12.153,00 €Further information »

564 sqm Scaffolding by Layher Blitz – Speedyscaff with steel decks

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:564 sq m
Article number:EN-S2196Weight:6.735 kg
Price: 10.693,00 €Further information »

752 sqm Scaffolding by Layher – speedyscaff/Blitz incl. steel decks

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:752 sq m
Article number:EN-S2197Weight:8.957 kg
Price: 14.209,00 €Further information »

Hünnebeck Bosta used Frame Scaffolding 2015m²

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:2.015 sq m
Article number:GE1884Weight:24.370 kg
Price: 33.648,00 €Further information »

Layher 950m² steel Frame Scaffolding used

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:950 sq m
Article number:GE1883Weight:10.872 kg
Price: 20.956,00 €Further information »
Scaffolding Package Plettac SL

Facade Scaffolding Plettac with Aluminum Decks – 1000 sq m

Manufacturer:PlettacQuantity:1.000 sq m
Article number:EN1657Weight:8 kg
Price: 25.260,00 €Further information »

Allround Modular Scaffolding by Layher – 1503 sqm with steel decks

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:1.503 sq m
Article number:EN-S1767Weight:18.724 kg
Price: 34.959,00 €Further information »

Painting Scaffold Layher SpeedyScaff Used – 500 sq m

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:500 sq m
Article number:EN1678Weight:6 kg
Price: 9.999,00 €Further information »

Used Facade Scaffolding Rux Super with New Wooden Plank – 1020 sq m

Manufacturer:Scafom RuxQuantity:1.020 sq m
Article number:EN1682Weight:11 kg
Price: 22.170,00 €Further information »

Used Scaffolding Rux Super – 740 sq m

Manufacturer:Scafom RuxQuantity:740 sq m
Article number:EN1685Weight:8 kg
Price: 13.207,00 €Further information »

Facade Scaffolding Rux Super Used – 650 sq m

Manufacturer:Scafom RuxQuantity:650 sq m
Article number:EN1684Weight:7 kg
Price: 11.572,00 €Further information »

Layher Facade Scaffolding SpeedyScaff Used – 700 sq m

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:707 sq m
Article number:EN1677Weight:8 kg
Price: 14.459,00 €Further information »

Facade Scaffolding Layher SpeedyScaff Used – 1020 sq m

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:1.022 sq m
Article number:EN1676Weight:12 kg
Price: 20.839,00 €Further information »

500 sqm Scaffolding by Layher – speedyscaff/Blitz incl. combi decks

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:500 sq m
Article number:EN1674Weight:4 kg
Price: 9.999,00 €Further information »

Scaffolding Used Huennebeck 17 € per sq m

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:430 sq m
Article number:EN1668Weight:4.332 kg
Price: 7.338,00 €Further information »

Scaffolding Used Huennebeck – 520 sq m

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:520 sq m
Article number:EN1667Weight:5.244 kg
Price: 8.864,00 €Further information »

580 sq m – Used Scaffolding Huennebeck

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:580 sq m
Article number:EN1666Weight:5.831 kg
Price: 9.848,00 €Further information »

Painters Scaffolding Huennebeck Used – 640 sq m

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:640 sq m
Article number:EN1665Weight:6.418 kg
Price: 10.832,00 €Further information »

Facade Scaffolding Huennebeck – 670 sq m

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:670 sq m
Article number:EN1665Weight:6.711 kg
Price: 11.325,00 €Further information »

Facade Scaffolding Used Huennebeck – 800 sq m

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:800 sq m
Article number:EN1664Weight:7.916 kg
Price: 13.343,00 €Further information »

Scaffolding Used Huennebeck – 890 sq m

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:890 sq m
Article number:EN1663Weight:8.828 kg
Price: 14.870,00 €Further information »

Scaffolding Rux Super Used – 520 sq m

Manufacturer:Scafom RuxQuantity:520 sq m
Article number:EN1661Weight:6 kg
Price: 11.574,00 €Further information »

Scaffolding Super Rux Used – 800 sq m

Manufacturer:Scafom RuxQuantity:800 sq m
Article number:EN1659Weight:9 kg
Price: 17.573,00 €Further information »

Frame Scaffolding Huennebeck – 5000 sq m

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:5.000 sq m
Article number:EN1658Weight:50.312 kg
Price: 81.045,00 €Further information »

10,000 sq m – Huennebeck Scaffolding for Best Price

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:10.000 sq m
Article number:EN1656Weight:97.217 kg
Price: 176.350,00 €Further information »

Scaffolding used Huennebeck – 950 sq m

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:950 sq m
Article number:En1655Weight:9.415 kg
Price: 15.854,00 €Further information »

Scaffolding Rux Super with NEW Wooden Planks – 2010 sq m

Manufacturer:Scafom RuxQuantity:2.010 sq m
Article number:EN1653Weight:22 kg
Price: 44.910,00 €Further information »

Facade Scaffolding Used Rux Super with New Wooden Plank – 3000 sq m

Manufacturer:Scafom RuxQuantity:3.000 sq m
Article number:EN1652Weight:33 kg
Price: 66.338,00 €Further information »

Scaffolding Bosta Used – 500 sq m

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:500 sq m
Article number:EN1651Weight:5.270 kg
Price: 8.661,00 €Further information »
Plettac Contur modular used

Modular Scaffolding Plettac Contur Used – Low Price!

Manufacturer:PlettacQuantity:– sq m
Article number:EN1650Weight:54.306 kg
Price: 115.130,00 €Further information »
Hunnebeck HARSCO Bosta 70

Hunnebeck HARSCO Bosta 70 Frame Scaffolding Used

Manufacturer:HARSCO, HuennebeckQuantity:20.000 sq m
Article number:GE1784Weight:401.000 kg
Price: On requestFurther information »
Ulma Brio modular scaffolding

used ULMA Brio scaffolding – 295 tons

Manufacturer:Other Manufacturers, ULMAQuantity:20.000 sq m
Article number:GE1780Weight:295.000 kg
Price: 399.000,00 €Further information »
Huennebeck Harsco scaffolding

Used Huennebeck HARSCO Bosta Scaffolding

Manufacturer:HARSCO, HuennebeckQuantity:120.000 sq m
Article number:GE1777Weight:2.260.000 kg
Price: On requestFurther information »
used cuplok modular scaffolding

Used Scaffolding Cuplock 1475 tons

Manufacturer:HARSCOQuantity:100.000 sq m
Article number:GE1771Weight:1.475.000 kg
Price: On requestFurther information »
PERI UP Rosett scaffolding

Used PERI UP Scaffolding

Manufacturer:PERIQuantity:13.000 sq m
Article number:GE1770Weight:210.000 kg
Price: On requestFurther information »
Layher speedy scaff

Facade Scaffolding Layher SpeedyScaff Used – 707 sq m

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:707 sq m
Article number:EN1647Weight:8 kg
Price: 13.289,00 €Further information »

Allround Modular Scaffolding by Layher – 720 sqm with steel decks

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:720 sq m
Article number:EN-S1646Weight:9.605 kg
Price: 17.959,00 €Further information »