Used  formwork

Used formwork by Peri, Doka, Harsco and similar brands

To extanted your system or if you´re looking for cheap solution for concrete shoring try used formwork. All of our offers are ready to use. It´s always possible to combine used and refurbished components. Used wall formwork can be used for basements, hidden surfaces or industrial puposes. Ask for condition and we call tell you about best usage of them.


991 sqm Huennebeck Manto Wall Formwork

Manufacturer:Harsco/HunnebeckQuantity:991 sq m
Article number:EN-F1917Weight:50.951 kg
Price: 168.394,00 €Further information »

65 sqm Hunnebeck Topec Formwork

Manufacturer:Harsco/HunnebeckQuantity:65 sq m
Article number:EN-F1916Weight:2.714 kg
Price: 15.357,00 €Further information »
208,1-sqm-Peri-Trio-Panel 270x120-second-hand

208 sqm Peri Trio Wall Formwork – new skin

Manufacturer:PERI FormworkQuantity:208 sq m
Article number:EN-F1915Weight:– kg
Price: 38.342,00 €Further information »
2696-sqm Topec Panel 1,80x0,75 m second-hand

Assortment of Topec Panels

Manufacturer:Harsco/HunnebeckQuantity:2.696 sq m
Article number:EN-F1913Weight:– kg
Price: 388.255,00 €Further information »
1238 sqm slab formwork Used Topec Panels 1,80 x 0,90 m

1238 sqm Topec Formwork by Harsco/Huennebeck

Manufacturer:Harsco/HunnebeckQuantity:1.238 sq m
Article number:EN-F1912Weight:– kg
Price: 167.734,00 €Further information »
Panel Doka Framax second hand

Assortment Doka Framax

Manufacturer:DOKA FormworkQuantity:– sq m
Article number:EN-F1911Weight:– kg
Price: 18.975,00 €Further information »

739,8 sqm Topec Slab Formwork – Huennebeck

Manufacturer:Harsco/HunnebeckQuantity:739 sq m
Article number:EN-F1910Weight:12.446 kg
Price: On requestFurther information »
564,57-sqm-Topec slab formwork-panel 180x180-stock

564,57 sqm Topec Slab Formwork – Huennebeck

Manufacturer:Harsco/HunnebeckQuantity:564 sq m
Article number:EN-F1909Weight:21.367 kg
Price: 40.649,00 €Further information »

1020 sqm slab formwork – PERI Skydeck – refurbished

Manufacturer:PERI FormworkQuantity:1.020 sq m
Article number:EN-F1908Weight:– kg
Price: On requestFurther information »

Dokamatic ceiling formwork for sale

Manufacturer:DOKA FormworkQuantity:– pieces
Article number:EN-S1907Weight:– kg
Price: On requestFurther information »

353 qm Framax wall formwork by Doka

Manufacturer:DOKA FormworkQuantity:353 sq m
Article number:EN-F1906Weight:– kg
Price: On requestFurther information »

1561 sqm Topec Slab Formwork by Harsco

Manufacturer:Harsco/HunnebeckQuantity:1.561 sq m
Article number:EN-F1905Weight:25.620 kg
Price: 208.646,00 €Further information »

202 m² Framax wall formwork by Doka

Manufacturer:DOKA FormworkQuantity:202 sq m
Article number:GE1880Weight:14.000 kg
Price: 28.380,00 €Further information »

Doka Formwork set – Panels and accessories

Manufacturer:DOKA FormworkQuantity:160 sq m
Article number:GE1879Weight:– kg
Price: 33.440,00 €Further information »

6000m² framax wall formwork by Doka

Manufacturer:DOKA FormworkQuantity:6.000 sq m
Article number:GE1878Weight:397.178 kg
Price: 1.132.900,00 €Further information »
Used Formwork

PERI TRIO Formwork Used

Manufacturer:PERI FormworkQuantity:– sq m
Article number:GE1839Weight:– kg
Price: 245.700,00 €Further information »

5672 sqm Framax Wall Formwork by Doka

Manufacturer:DOKA FormworkQuantity:5 sq m
Article number:GE1782Weight:397 kg
Price: On requestFurther information »

1033 sqm MANTO 300 wall formwork by Harsco – used

Manufacturer:Harsco/HunnebeckQuantity:1.033 sq m
Article number:GE1779Weight:57.174 kg
Price: 60.000,00 €Further information »

PD 8 stacking towers – PERI

Manufacturer:PERI FormworkQuantity:– sq m
Article number:EN-F1775Weight:200.000 kg
Price: On requestFurther information »

used HARSCO Topec slab formwork

Manufacturer:Harsco/HunnebeckQuantity:1.380 sq m
Article number:GE1774Weight:– kg
Price: 113.000,00 €Further information »

3680 sqm used DOKA Framax formwork

Manufacturer:DOKA FormworkQuantity:3.680 sq m
Article number:GE1773Weight:– kg
Price: On requestFurther information »