Frame Scaffolding


612 s qm Scaffolding by Huennebeck Bosta with steel frames

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:612 sq m
Article number:EN-S2298Weight:8.019 kg
Price: 9.723,00 €Further information »

510 sqm Scaffolding by Plettac Assco – steel frames & timber decks

Manufacturer:PlettacQuantity:510 sq m
Article number:EN-S2220Weight:6.181 kg
Price: 8.919,00 €Further information »

918 sqm Scaffolding by Plettac Assco – SL incl. Steel frames & combi decks

Manufacturer:PlettacQuantity:918 sq m
Article number:EN-S2260Weight:7.948 kg
Price: 19.479,00 €Further information »

918 sqm Scaffolding by Plettac Assco – SL incl. Aluminum frames & combi decks

Manufacturer:PlettacQuantity:918 sq m
Article number:EN-S2247Weight:6.696 kg
Price: 21.189,00 €Further information »

857 sqm Scaffolding by Plettac Assco – SL incl. aluminum frames & combi decks

Manufacturer:PlettacQuantity:856 sq m
Article number:EN-S2246Weight:6.273 kg
Price: 19.819,00 €Further information »

612 sqm Scaffolding by Plettac Assco – SL incl. aluminum frames & combi decks

Manufacturer:PlettacQuantity:612 sq m
Article number:EN-S2245Weight:4.493 kg
Price: 14.229,00 €Further information »

857 sqm Plettac SL incl. combi decks – Scaffolding by Assco

Manufacturer:PlettacQuantity:856 sq m
Article number:EN-S2259Weight:7.445 kg
Price: 18.209,00 €Further information »

612 sqm scaffolding by Scafom Rux with timber planks

Manufacturer:Scafom RuxQuantity:612 sq m
Article number:EN-S2290Weight:7.496 kg
Price: 8.879,00 €Further information »

908 sqm Scaffolding by Layher Blitz – Speedyscaff with steel decks

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:908 sq m
Article number:EN-S2198Weight:10.781 kg
Price: 17.079,00 €Further information »

551 sqm Scaffolding by Plettac Assco – SL incl. Aluminum frames & combi decks

Manufacturer:PlettacQuantity:551 sq m
Article number:EN-S2244Weight:4.070 kg
Price: 12.853,00 €Further information »

612 s qm Scaffolding by Plettac Assco with timber decks

Manufacturer:PlettacQuantity:714 sq m
Article number:EN-S2221Weight:8.430 kg
Price: 12.153,00 €Further information »

564 sqm Scaffolding by Layher Blitz – Speedyscaff with steel decks

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:564 sq m
Article number:EN-S2196Weight:6.735 kg
Price: 10.693,00 €Further information »

752 sqm Scaffolding by Layher – speedyscaff/Blitz incl. steel decks

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:752 sq m
Article number:EN-S2197Weight:8.957 kg
Price: 14.209,00 €Further information »

Hünnebeck Bosta used Frame Scaffolding 2015m²

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:2.015 sq m
Article number:GE1884Weight:24.370 kg
Price: 33.648,00 €Further information »

Layher 950m² steel Frame Scaffolding used

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:950 sq m
Article number:GE1883Weight:10.872 kg
Price: 20.956,00 €Further information »

Layher used scaffolding 950m² with (New Aluminium Frames)

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:950 sq m
Article number:GE1882Weight:9.760 kg
Price: 22.222,00 €Further information »

Aluminum Layher Used Scaffolding190m² with (New Aluminium Frames)

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:190 sq m
Article number:GE1881Weight:1.952 kg
Price: 4.692,00 €Further information »
Scaffolding Package Plettac SL

Facade Scaffolding Plettac with Aluminum Decks – 1000 sq m

Manufacturer:PlettacQuantity:1.000 sq m
Article number:EN1657Weight:8 kg
Price: 25.260,00 €Further information »

Painting Scaffold Layher SpeedyScaff Used – 500 sq m

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:500 sq m
Article number:EN1678Weight:6 kg
Price: 9.999,00 €Further information »

Used Facade Scaffolding Rux Super with New Wooden Plank – 1020 sq m

Manufacturer:Scafom RuxQuantity:1.020 sq m
Article number:EN1682Weight:11 kg
Price: 22.170,00 €Further information »

Used Scaffolding Rux Super – 740 sq m

Manufacturer:Scafom RuxQuantity:740 sq m
Article number:EN1685Weight:8 kg
Price: 13.207,00 €Further information »

Facade Scaffolding Rux Super Used – 650 sq m

Manufacturer:Scafom RuxQuantity:650 sq m
Article number:EN1684Weight:7 kg
Price: 11.572,00 €Further information »

Layher Facade Scaffolding SpeedyScaff Used – 700 sq m

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:707 sq m
Article number:EN1677Weight:8 kg
Price: 14.459,00 €Further information »

Facade Scaffolding Layher SpeedyScaff Used – 1020 sq m

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:1.022 sq m
Article number:EN1676Weight:12 kg
Price: 20.839,00 €Further information »

500 sqm Scaffolding by Layher – speedyscaff/Blitz incl. combi decks

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:500 sq m
Article number:EN1674Weight:4 kg
Price: 9.999,00 €Further information »

Scaffolding Used Huennebeck 17 € per sq m

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:430 sq m
Article number:EN1668Weight:4.332 kg
Price: 7.338,00 €Further information »

Scaffolding Used Huennebeck – 520 sq m

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:520 sq m
Article number:EN1667Weight:5.244 kg
Price: 8.864,00 €Further information »

580 sq m – Used Scaffolding Huennebeck

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:580 sq m
Article number:EN1666Weight:5.831 kg
Price: 9.848,00 €Further information »

Painters Scaffolding Huennebeck Used – 640 sq m

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:640 sq m
Article number:EN1665Weight:6.418 kg
Price: 10.832,00 €Further information »

Facade Scaffolding Huennebeck – 670 sq m

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:670 sq m
Article number:EN1665Weight:6.711 kg
Price: 11.325,00 €Further information »

Facade Scaffolding Used Huennebeck – 800 sq m

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:800 sq m
Article number:EN1664Weight:7.916 kg
Price: 13.343,00 €Further information »

Scaffolding Used Huennebeck – 890 sq m

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:890 sq m
Article number:EN1663Weight:8.828 kg
Price: 14.870,00 €Further information »

Scaffolding Rux Super Used – 520 sq m

Manufacturer:Scafom RuxQuantity:520 sq m
Article number:EN1661Weight:6 kg
Price: 11.574,00 €Further information »

Scaffolding Super Rux Used – 800 sq m

Manufacturer:Scafom RuxQuantity:800 sq m
Article number:EN1659Weight:9 kg
Price: 17.573,00 €Further information »

Frame Scaffolding Huennebeck – 5000 sq m

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:5.000 sq m
Article number:EN1658Weight:50.312 kg
Price: 81.045,00 €Further information »

10,000 sq m – Huennebeck Scaffolding for Best Price

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:10.000 sq m
Article number:EN1656Weight:97.217 kg
Price: 176.350,00 €Further information »

Scaffolding used Huennebeck – 950 sq m

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:950 sq m
Article number:En1655Weight:9.415 kg
Price: 15.854,00 €Further information »

Scaffolding Rux Super with NEW Wooden Planks – 2010 sq m

Manufacturer:Scafom RuxQuantity:2.010 sq m
Article number:EN1653Weight:22 kg
Price: 44.910,00 €Further information »

Facade Scaffolding Used Rux Super with New Wooden Plank – 3000 sq m

Manufacturer:Scafom RuxQuantity:3.000 sq m
Article number:EN1652Weight:33 kg
Price: 66.338,00 €Further information »

Scaffolding Bosta Used – 500 sq m

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:500 sq m
Article number:EN1651Weight:5.270 kg
Price: 8.661,00 €Further information »
Hunnebeck HARSCO Bosta 70

Hunnebeck HARSCO Bosta 70 Frame Scaffolding Used

Manufacturer:HARSCO, HuennebeckQuantity:20.000 sq m
Article number:GE1784Weight:401.000 kg
Price: On requestFurther information »
Huennebeck Harsco scaffolding

Used Huennebeck HARSCO Bosta Scaffolding

Manufacturer:HARSCO, HuennebeckQuantity:120.000 sq m
Article number:GE1777Weight:2.260.000 kg
Price: On requestFurther information »
PERI UP Rosett scaffolding

Used PERI UP Scaffolding

Manufacturer:PERIQuantity:13.000 sq m
Article number:GE1770Weight:210.000 kg
Price: On requestFurther information »
Layher speedy scaff

Facade Scaffolding Layher SpeedyScaff Used – 707 sq m

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:707 sq m
Article number:EN1647Weight:8 kg
Price: 13.289,00 €Further information »

The framework is available in different widths depending on the purpose. The narrowest frame is the Rux Super 65 scaffolding with 0,65m. Other frame widths are then about 0,70m at Huennebeck Bosta 70, Plettac SL 70. Layher SpeedyScaf has a width of 0,73m. These scaffolding widths are for facade scaffolding. These frames are available in steel or in aluminum.

Should your desired scaffolding not be available? Do not hesitate to contact us for your request. We would be happy to make you an individual offer.