LAYHER BLITZ Speedyscaf 0,73m — 1022 sqm

Manufacturer: Layher
Article number: GE2647
Quantity 1.022 sq m
Weight 12.874 kg
Price per kilo 2,27 €/kg
Price per ton 2.275,00 €/t

31.268,00 € + VAT

Ümit Karaca

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Layher Blitz SpeedyScaf

Offer for Used Layher Blitz Speedyscaf scaffolding


Excluding VAT
Prices Ex Work. Subject to being unsold. Subject to availability.
This calculation is prepared with basic equipments, not full set. The buyer is free to increase the quantities and buy additional items.
The Scaffolding design and the installation is completely the client’s responsibility.

There may be some price updating. So, The prices will be confirmed by official quotation.

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Included parts

Quantity Article description
160 Vertical Frame 2,00 x 0.73m
304 U-Steel Deck T4, 0,32 m width, 2,57 m
4 U-Access deck w. ladder 2.57m x 0.61m
390 Guard Rail Steel 2,57m
8 Double end guardrail 0.73m SW 19/22
32 Diagonal brace with wedge half coupler 3,20m
38 Railing support 1,00m x 0,73m, steel
2 Forehead railing post 1,00m x 0,73m, Steel
156 Toe Board 2,57m x 0,15m
8 Toe Board 0,73m x 0,15m
80 Base Jack 60, 0,60m
40 Wall tie
40 Normal Coupler
40 Bolt 120 mm

Subject to errors and prior sale.