612 s qm Scaffolding by Huennebeck Bosta with steel frames

Manufacturer: Huennebeck
Article number: EN-S2298
Quantity 612 sq m
Weight 8.019 kg

On request + VAT

Cetrac GmbH

office: +49 341 30848 90-0

Frame scaffolding by Huennebeck – 612 sqm with 3,00 Timber decks

  • Steelframes (galvanized)
  • timber decks ( 3,00 m)
  • package is ready to use
  • used in good condition
  • Shipping worldwide
  • on stock

Further details

Length of scaffolding60,00 m
Max. working height10,20 m
Max. standing height8,20 m
Field length/scaffolding depth:3,00 m / 0,70 m

Included parts

Quantity Article description
84 Verical frames B 200/70 (steel)
160 Timber decks 300/32 MS 10
180 Guard rail 300
8 Double rail 70
16 Diagonal 203
21 Railing post 70N "L"
80 toe boards 300/15 steel
42 Base plate with spindle 50/3,3
22 Wall tie 30-65
22 Cuplers

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    With this used scaffolding you can create a slightly larger work surface, Single-family houses or larger residential building areas maybe. If you purchase foot spindles and front railings in addition, you can place this scaffold over corners without losing space.

    How to erect – step by step

    The components can be assembled quickly and easily:

    • Put two vertical frames on two base plates. Now connect the vertical frames with at least one guard railing.
    • Now align the scaffold field vertically with a diagonal. To do this, simply hook the hook-shaped end of the diagonal into the opening provided on the U-profile at the upper edge of the vertical frame and guide the lower end over the bottom tilt finger of the vertical frame.
    • Finally, hang one and then a second wooden floor in the U-profiles of the two vertical frames. How to continue with the other scaffolding fields.
    • You can either install the diagonals one above the other in a tower; alternatively, you can distribute them diagonally in adjacent fields over the scaffold.


    Timber decks from Hünnebeck can be used on both sides and are easy to clean after use.

    Subject to errors and prior sale.