Peri Up – 30,2 ton2 – Assortment of Items

Article number:EN-S2623
Quantity- sq m
Weight30.171 kg

63.506,00 € + VAT

Richard Baufeldt

+49 341 30 84 89 029

Sale of 30,2 tons Peri Up Scaffolding – Assortment of Items

If you would like to extend or supplement your PERI UP system.

NOTE – this is not a complete structure and additional item will be required!

Included parts

QuantityArticle description
1084Ledger UH 300 Plus
590Ledger UHV 150 Plus
253Ledger UHV 300 Plus
2H-Brace UBH Flex 100/100
150Top Standard UVH 125
1Toeboard Steel UPY 250 galv.
2H-Brace UBH Flex 250/150
20Steel Deck UDG 25x50
87Steel Deck UDG 25x300
6Platform MDS 125
34Crate Pallet 80x120, Painted
23Pallet RP 80x120/2, galv.
32Pallet RP 80x150/2, galv.

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