Manufacturer: PERI Formwork
Article number: GE2618
Quantity 340 sq m
Weight 19.002 kg

On request + VAT

Ümit Karaca

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Heavy Duty Wall formwork.. Popular Peri product: Peri Trio

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Trio Elemente 90x2,70

Trio Elemente 90×2,70

Trio Elemente 60x2,70

Trio Elemente 60×2,70

Trio Elemente 72x2,70

Trio Elemente 72×2,70

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Ümit Karaca

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Included parts

Quantity Article description
6 Peri Trio Projection Waler TVR 45/45-5
20 Peri Trio Brace Connector TRIO, galv
30 Peri Top Tie Bracket-2 AH, galv
40 Peri Foundation Tie Clamp TRIO TLS
30 Peri Waler TAR 85
10 Peri Alignment Coupler BFD, ver
150 Peri Tension and Compression Brace MX 15-100
15 Peri Bulkhead Tie TS, galv
8 Peri Trio Fundamentlasche
12 Peri Trio Scaffold Brackets TRG 80
4 Peri Trio Lifting Hook
6 Peri Trio Inside Corner TE 2,70-2
3 Peri Trio Articulating Corner TGE 2,70
5 Peri Inside Corner TE 1,20-2
14 Peri Waler WDA-2 270x6
4 Peri Waler WDA-2 270x5
15 Peri Trio Filler Plate LA 2,70 x 36
4 Peri Trio Filler Plate LA 1,20 x 36
3 Peri Trio panel TR 30x1,20
1 Peri Trio panel TR 60x1,20
8 Peri Trio panel TR 72x1,20
5 Peri Trio panel TR 90x1,20
2 Peri Trio panel TR 60x72
5 Peri Trio panel TR 60x90
8 Peri Trio panel TR 30x2,70
14 Peri Trio panel TR 60x2,70
14 Peri Trio panel TR 72x2,70
18 Peri Trio panel TR 90x2,70
9 Peri Trio panel TR 1,20x2,70
24 Peri Trio panel TR 2,40x2,70

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