Layher Allround scaffolding Diagonal Brace Used

Manufacturer: Layher Scaffolding Parts
Article number: GE1874
Quantity 1 pieces
Weight 7 kg

25,25 € + VAT

Cetrac GmbH

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Included parts

Quantity Article description
1 Used Diagonal Brace for Layher Allround scaffolding

Layher diagonal braces used

For Allround Layher scaffolds, we offer second-hand diagonals. They are in very good condition. Delivery is possible. You can see the price of diagonal brace 2.12m (H = 2.00m L = 0.73m) in this ad.

We can supply the following sizes also:

3.58m (H = 2.00m W = 3.07m) 
3.18m (H = 2.00m L = 2.57m)
2,81m (H = 2,00m W = 2,07m) 
2.49m (H = 2.00m L = 1.57m) 
2,25m (H = 2,00m W = 1,09m)
2.12m (H = 2.00m L = 0.73m) 

To order individually or in a batch of 10, 20, 30, … to choose

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