Layher Event Deck

Manufacturer: Layher, Layher Scaffolding Parts
Article number: GE2636
Quantity 154 pieces
Weight 37 kg
Price per kilo 4,97 €/kg
Price per ton 4.970,00 €/t

182,40 € + VAT

Ümit Karaca

+49 341 30 848 90 30

Event Deck T7 2,57 x 0,86 m (Used)

Layher Event Deck

Good Condition

Product Description: Event-Deck T7 2,57 x 0,86 m

Qty: 154

Price for New Ones: 364.80 €

Discount Rate from New prices: 50.00%

Unit Price for Used Ones: 182.40 €

Total Price for Used Ones: 28,089.60 €

Unit weight: 36.7 kg

Total weight: 5651.80 kg


Layher Event Deck

Event Deck

Layher Event Deck

Layher Event Deck

Excluding VAT
Prices Ex Work. Subject to being unsold.
The Scaffolding design and the installation is completely the client’s responsibility.


Ümit Karaca

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Included parts

Quantity Article description
154 Event-Deck T7 2,57 x 0,86 m

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