Reducing Standard Coupler – 48.3×33.7 mm

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scaffolding component for Assco, Layher, Huennebeck, Plettac, Rux and other manufacturers

reducing standard coupler

  • Ø 48,3×33,7 mm
  • used and good condition
  • metric thread
  • made of galvanized steel
Indispensable for the assembly of scaffoldings are couplings.
Reducing standard coupler are used to make a rigid connection between a scaffold tube and a tube of different diameter. 90 degrees is the angle of the two tubes to each other. The diameter can be larger or smaller than 48.3 mm.

On request we can also offer you other sizes for reducing standard couplings.

Single purchase or series purchase possible.
Free offer on request.

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1 standard reducing coupler 48,3x33,7 mm

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