Peri Up – 34,6 tons – Assortment of Items

Article number:EN-S2622
Quantity- sq m
Weight34.572 kg

100.856,00 € + VAT

Richard Baufeldt

+49 341 30 84 89 029

Sale – Assortment of Items – PERI UP

If you would like to extend or supplement your PERI UP system.

NOTE – this is not a complete structure and additional item will be required!

Included parts

QuantityArticle description
315Top Standard UVH 150
598Top Standard UVH 200
219Top Standard UVH 250
219Top Standard UVH 50
9Ledger Brace UBL 150/100
44Ledger Brace UBL 250/100
283Ledger Brace UBL 300/100
12Ledger Brace UBL 200/50
6Ledger Brace UBL 150/50
14Decking Transom UHD 150
1308Base Plate UJB 38-80/55 adjustible
1727Spigot ULT 32
30Steel Deck UDS 32x250
78Coupler Brace UBC 72-104/200
640Node Brace UBK 300/200
7Frame Pallet USP 72
4Handle Lock UJS
354Node Brace UBK 200/100
11Industrial Deck UDI 25x100
4Industrial Deck UDI 25x150
34Ledger with Lap UHP 200
72Industrial Deck UDI 25x200
75Industrial Deck UDI 25x250
12Toeboard Steel UPY 300
82Toeboard Steel UPY 50
127Console Bracket UCM 50 with Spigot
4Flange Coupler UEC
10Staircase UAS 75x150/100 S


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